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Mary Ann
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Aging Issues are less painful when shared among friends

A broad look at aging issues seems to be front and center in my life recently…..

Just the other day, after applying my “leaving the house” makeup, I sprayed my face with hairspray instead of my usual finishing facial mist!  In my defense, both were in similar containers and side by side in my makeup basket.  My mistake was not putting on my glasses! Good grief, what’s next?

Let me tell you……….when a few ideas for this blog came to mind last week, I jotted down several notes on a small piece of paper and carefully, or so I thought, placed it in my office.  Now, I’m experiencing my number one daily activity, searching. Enough of that, I’m giving up the search and hoping for inspiration.

A few months ago, when my cable company suggested lowering my bill by removing my land line, I gave no thought as to how I would locate my cell phone in the house.  It’s embarrassing to admit to how many times per day I go looking for it.  Just last week, I thought I might need to visit my neighbor and ask her to call me!

And if that’s not enough, medical issues abound with my circle of friends and their spouses.  I am blessed to have the time to offer feeble attempts at support as we all journey through this next chapter of our lives together.  Today, our girlfriend lunches tend to focus on discussions around medication side effects and natural remedies.  Somehow, the apparent problem on our dessert plates is seldom a topic.  Simple exercise and healthy diets would likely resolve many issues, especially mine.

So now, with Christmas rapidly approaching,

I’m faced with hauling the decorations out of my garage to decorate my condo.  My practical decision to buy a lighter weight Christmas tree on sale at the end of last season has worked to my advantage.  This new tree weighs only 6 pounds and is in two pre-lit sections, easy to assemble.  It’s more than adequate for displaying the ornaments that hold greatest sentimental value for me.

I gave away my larger heavier tree and spent a day in the garage, with a space heater, downsizing decorations.  Just yesterday, I dropped off two large plastic tubs full at the Veterans donation spot near my local hardware store. A few tubs of “maybe” items remain in my garage until next year’s sorting. My childhood manger scene, precious SnowBaby Advent tree, and a number of other special treasures will remain with me as long as possible. However, many nice decorative accents that once graced a larger home no longer hold relevance in a condo inhabited by an individual.   By eliminating the clutter, I find great peace, comfort and joy in my choices.  The prospect of decorating is no longer a daunting task but a lovely time for memories and reflection.

Another joy I added to the season this year……….

Though I have an E-Reader, I remain a paper junkie and love those library book sales.  I’ve accumulated a small stack of Christmas books, most by famous authors.  You might be surprised to know your favorite mystery writer has penned such a book.  Rescuing these Christmas treasures from a bookshelf corner, they are now stacked on a small table, near my comfy chair, in reading preference order.  I’m currently enjoying David Baldacci’s The Christmas Train, and anticipating the joy in reading Marjorie Holmes’ Two From Galilee during the week of Christmas.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a New Year filled with simple joys and the gift of love………..Mary Ann