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Boomer Sisters’ Travel Memories

A few weeks ago, I asked my Boomer Sisters the following questions:

  1.  Where did you go on the first trip you can remember?
  2. Other than technology, how is travel different today?
  3. Tell me about the trip of your dreams!

Their responses follow and are in alphabetical order by name; I hope you take a few minutes to read each one, including Tina’s at the end. As you get to know them, you’ll understand why these dear women are my “sisters”…..……………..


Cheryl – Dublin, Ohio

  1. The first time I went alone was to my grandmother’s home in the country. It was like a breath of fresh air! Literally! I came from the south end of Columbus and only breathed air from Buckeye Steele Casting smokestacks. I was only 10. Lungs like a coal miner!
  2. I (we) choose the destination, plan the details and save the money. The former is more difficult than the latter.
  3. One of my dream trips is to see Machu Pichu (want to see it, not spell it). And, to continue the trip in the entire South American continent. Still saving on that one!!

Connie – Canal Winchester, Ohio

  1. West Virginia to visit grandparents
  2. More crowded; lots of confusion and anxiety due to terrorism concerns
  3. Australia! Loved doing walkabouts in Sydney; the opera house tour; shopping at the open market; but most of all the Irish Pub and weekend street fair. Comparing the emotional stimulation to my first visit to Walt Disney World with a friend; equal!

Diane – Green Bay, Wisconsin

  1. My first trip I remember is when we went “up north” (if you were from Wisconsin, you’d know what that means) …….I can remember sitting on a lard pail in the front seat of our 1948 white Ford between my Mom and Dad.
  2. When I think of travel now compared to when I was young, the greatest difference is the convenience of getting someplace hundreds and thousands of miles away so quickly is fabulous….even though going through the TSA process of airports today is less than desirable.
  3. I think I have been on two trips of my dreams. I’ve had the fabulous experience of going to Hawaii (five different islands; Maul and Kauai are my favorites for different reasons) and Alaska more than once. I could write pages and pages about both but unfortunately I don’t have the time right now because I’m at work, my hair is a little on fire, and the extinguisher isn’t close.

Jane – Blacklick, Ohio

  1. My first trip I remember would’ve been flying to Washington D.C. with my family in the spring of 1961. We have home movies of the motorcade coming out the black gates in front of the White House and also my siblings and I coming down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I can remember the plane ride and feeling so happy about going someplace.
  2. Travel is much more common and crowded. I don’t have a lot of experience with travel and can only imagine that service to the traveler has changed in many ways. Things like hospitality, civility and personal service would have suffered as a casualty of technology.
  3. I’d like to go to Ireland with family and see the way real people live in villages. No touristy stuff…would like to stay in B & B’s, go to the pubs and see where my ancestors once lived.

Judy – Lancaster, Ohio

  1. I was very young and we traveled by car to Canada. It was quite an event and I learned to speak a few French words.
  2. It takes a complete day, to go and then return, out of your planned calendar days if you travel by air, so it is almost as enjoyable to just drive to your destination.
  3. I so enjoy time with my sisters. We would love to go on an East Coast Cruise that would include Martha’s Vineyard. That is a dream I would love to come true within the next couple of years.

Lana – Camden, Arkansas

  1. The first trip I can remember is when my family went to live in Frankfurt, Germany. My Dad was Air Force and was stationed at Rhine Main AFB. This was prior to moving to Ohio.
  2. Faster, more expensive, but this allows for Technology; so I don’t have a good answer.
  3. I have been lucky to travel most of my life. I have been on 2 Cruises, Florida several times, but the trip of my dreams was when my Son and his family took my husband, me and our Great granddaughter to Maui 2 years ago. I had always wanted to go and prayed I’d go before I was too old to snorkel!!! It was everything and more than I thought it would be.

Rita – Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  1.  The first trip I can remember is when I went to the New York World’s Fair in 1965.
  2. Other than technology changing in airline travel, I think it’s especially different with heightened security since 9/11.
  3. My dream trip would be to return to Italy, this time with my husband and two sons. I would love to show them where my parents grew up and where I spent two summers.

Sonna – Marysville, Ohio

  1. A family road trip to the Toledo Zoo when I was about seven. It took forever in Dad’s 1949, 2-door Ford Sedan, with NO radio!
  2. I don’t know if the airline seats are getting smaller or my rear is getting wider, or maybe both, but long distance air travel is becoming very uncomfortable.
  3. White beach, blue water, golden sunsets anywhere my heart takes me.

Sylvia – Columbus, Ohio

  1.  It would be when my mother, sister and aunt took me to Fort Lauderdale, FL to visit relatives. I was around 10 and it was such a big deal when I got to swim in a motel swimming pool and I stayed in that pool all day long for three days. We also went to a restaurant that served spectacular ice desserts.
  2. When I was in college and flew to New York to visit my sister, travelers dressed up. I planned my outfit e.g. shoes, purse, colors matching, etc. It was a big deal. Now it’s jeans, flip flops, etc. Of course, all the hassle associated with security at airports.
  3. I would like to go on a trip and attend cooking classes in a beautiful setting e.g. ocean side or a mountain retreat or Tuscany. Visit local villages or towns, eat where locals eat. Lisetn to live music at night in the open air.

Tina – Pickerington, Ohio

  1. Camping at Rocky Fork State Park
  2. More people are traveling; it’s like herding cattle through the venues or events.
  3. My dream trip was Hawaii (my honeymoon). Beautiful sunsets and beaches, the warm breeze against my skin, exotic plants and trees, a variety of culture and very little clothing.


Thank you Boomer Sisters for making this week’s blog a breeze!

Please stop by next Friday. I’ll be sharing a heartfelt Mother’s Day poem…………..Mary Ann