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Fall Season Reflections

Recently, I was blessed with a wonderful drive in the country; sunshine with a sapphire sky, a crisp chill in the air and nature’s cloak of autumn colors. In my younger years, fall was all about returning to school with new clothes and shoes, a character lunch box and a book bag with a handle. Back then, we also cherished the anticipation of shared change, like who was shaving their legs and wearing a bra now. Today, it’s more about moving clothes around in my closet and performing the daunting “does it fit” test.

Now fall is upon us, often accompanied by that nesting urge. This urge is further motivated today by a world in peril. I’ve begun my inventory of emergency necessities to have on hand for winter. It’s much easier to haul a large bag of dog food or cases of bottled water in the cool fall air vs. ice and snow. Speaking of bottled water – I found two cases of it in my closet with an expiration date of 2017. Thanks to Google, I now know that bottled water doesn’t expire and though the color and taste may change, it is safe to drink. Disclaimer here – for complete confidence in this information, please verify it yourself.

How could I omit the first thing most people consider when thinking about Fall……….Football!!! I’m not a major sports fan but I do enjoy watching our town’s college team and my grandson’s 8th grade games.

For my dear friend, Diane, in Green Bay football is a way of life. I lived there for a few years and it was quite an experience for me. At first, I tried grocery shopping on game days because the stores were empty. Then I discovered the stores provided a loud broadcast of the game for my shopping pleasure. It amazed me that the town of Green Bay actually owns the team and people retain their season tickets beyond their lifetime, bequeathing them to their family/friends.

I was honored to attend several games and I was astonished with everyone’s activity level in freezing temperatures. Back then, people pulled into their parking space hours prior to game time, flipped open the trunk and pulled out a card table, chairs, a full size Weber grill, bags of food and large quantities of beer and brandy. They actually sat around playing the favorite Green Bay card game called Sheepshead until they packed up and headed to the stadium. My Alabama roots kicked in and I remained in the car totally bundled up till game time.   The stadium seats were all benches in those days allowing everyone to squish their down coats together and huddle like penguins to stay alive. To minimize my complaints, Diane reminded me about the game when they had to use hatchets to chop the ice off the benches. Though a bit uncomfortable, it was a fun and crazy experience I’ll always cherish.

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