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Mary Ann
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In Honor of Mother’s Day


I wrote this poem on February 18, 2006, as it was the only way I could find to express my emotions.  Until now, I’ve only shared it with my immediate family.  In honor of Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday, May 5th, I share it with you……………..


Two Months Ago Today


Two months ago today, I knew my heart was broken,

My Mother was forever gone from this world,

The dreaded time had arrived, I was alone,

A fatherless and motherless child without siblings.


The void felt like outer space, endless and dark,

Every day since, so many questions unanswered,

My mind in constant motion, the movie plays on,

Even on my busiest days, it is the background,

Medical issues second-guessed, questioning

My abilities as her daughter to honor her wishes,

Knowing God chose the time, not me

I can’t stop the replay.


How can it hurt this much at my age, almost 60?

Doesn’t the world prepare us for these things?

Am I not blessed with wonderful supportive family and friends?

Don’t I have compassionate, thoughtful girlfriends?

Why then this ache deep in my heart? – physical sadness,

Who else shares all my memories? no one

Small, vulnerable, empty, where did my confidence go?


I dig deep, immersed in my faith and acknowledging future reunion,

Comfort comes from conversations with God and his Word.

Comfort comes from God through others – hugs, phone calls, cards, concern and love.

Time is a gift and I must use it more wisely, always impacting others in a positive way,

Contributing to humanity in the only way I know how,

By honoring the talents God gave me.

I hear her voice admonish me, “And remember to feed the birds, they’re helpless”.


Thank you,  and please stop by next Friday for a new blog post………..Mary Ann