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Is Vacation still Vacation when you’re retired?


After seven months of retirement, I’m required to seriously ponder the day and date each morning. Weekdays and weekends seem to merge, Friday no longer carries that “whew………… “ feeling . It’s downright embarrassing to admit “day relapse” in conversations, especially with my daughters. Other retired seniors know exactly what I’m talking about because we discuss this new condition frequently. Good heavens, how bad will this become in our 80’s?

The calendar on my smart phone (it’s an iPhone 3, so I’m not sure if it’s still considered smart), is handy. I now have the ability to confirm a meeting date while having a phone conversation at the same time; without disconnecting the other person!   I also keep a Franklin-Covey paper appointment planner. Keeping the two in sync is essential and I usually spend a little time on Sunday evening comparing them for the upcoming week’s schedule. Using only one calendar would simplify my life. However, I’m a paper junkie and need that back-up. These tools are essential in a retiree’s life in order to stay on the same page with those still working.

With all that in mind, let’s talk about vacation. When I was working, vacations were few and far between; it was difficult to be absent from the demands of my job for more than a day or two. Employees today seem reluctant to use the time they’ve earned. Today, people worry about their jobs being at risk.  As a result, many companies are embracing a “use it or lose it” policy around accumulated vacation time to encourage that R & R (rest and relaxation) we all crave.

As a retiree, I check my calendar each evening to determine the need to set my alarm for the next morning.  Don’t be too envious, my internal alarm seldom let’s me sleep past 7:30am. Also, even those open calendar days include the routine chores of life. Fortunately, I’m blessed with a wonderful option. Since I no longer have an employer, I can decide to lounge on the porch, watch the hummingbirds and do those things tomorrow.

My observation is yes, retirees do still enjoy their vacations. Travel removes us from those daily routine tasks we eventually must take care of and allows us to focus on new adventures and open our minds to new possibilities.

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