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Meet My Boomer Sisters


As an only child, who moved every 2 ½ years until the 7th grade, I cherish my closest friends. They are my coveted “Sister Friends”.

Each of these Sister Friendships is unique in that we have a trusting supportive relationship deepened by shared experiences, wisdom and time.  I have personally asked these women to be my Boomer Sisters for this website.  I seek their input on various topics and many of their responses will be shared with you right here.  Recently, I posed the following questions and received interesting replies:

  1. Are you still working or retired?
  2. What do/did you look forward to in retirement?
  3. What will you NOT miss about working?


Wish I had room to include all; here are a few Boomer Sister responses:

Cheryl  – Dublin, Ohio       

  1. “Retired”
  2. “Spending time with my husband while we still recognize one another”
  3. “Driving to work in winter weather”

Lana – Camden, Arkansas

“I was very blessed and never had to work!  My degree is in Domestic Engineering”

Diane – Green Bay, Wisconsin

      “At this point, I am not looking forward to retirement; afraid I will get bored and when I get bored I eat, and when I eat……………..I bet you know what happens! ”

Judy – Lancaster, Ohio

  1. “Still working”
  2. “Not working”
  3. “Stress that goes with the working: deadlines, benchmarks, meetings, staff evaluations, loosing staff, hiring staff (sitting through interviews), training staff


This fabulous group is currently comprised of a dozen remarkable women who have blessed my life.  Several have known me since high school and earlier, others have graced my life for 20 years or more and several are recent sisters – every single one is a treasure.   What a gift,  to have them participate in my next chapter.


Sure there were, and still are, periods of time when our busy lives (raising a family, relocating, managing a career or facing a crisis) consume us.  Somehow the ebb and flow allow opportunities to re-connect.  Forgiveness for lack of contact is automatic in our reunion hugs. We pick up where we left off; as if we were together the day before.  Hold tight to such people in your life.   Just look at the Boomer Sisters now; empty nesters, up to our eyeballs in retirement issues and able to find total joy in resuming these friendships at this time in our lives.


Why not get yourself a nice cup of your favorite beverage, relax and call a friend you haven’t talked with in awhile?  Sure you could just email, but your voice on the other end of the phone today may be just what that person needs.  You could begin with, “I was just reading this blog and wanted to share it with you……..”


Stop by next Friday for my blog on Volunteering……………Mary Ann