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Memory Lane or Why Did I Come to the Basement?

Trying to remember a name or detail can be so frustrating……..

When I can’t remember a name, I recite the alphabet in my mind attempting to “jog” my memory; sometimes it works.  As we age, memory recall becomes more of a problem.

I wholly enjoy the memory analogy used by an instructor for the Certified Senior Advisor program in one of his lectures.  Picture a great library of books containing the information you have stored in your brain.  There’s a specific librarian assigned to you and it’s her job to find the detail you are trying to recall.

 In your younger years, your librarian is also young……..

and very quick with locating that information. For example if you’re trying to recall a particular date, she immediately says, “That date is 1955”.

As you age, she also ages; and your speed of mental processing declines.  In your 60’s, that librarian isn’t as quick as she used to be; she’s wearing orthopedic shoes, rolled down hosiery and walking with a slight limp from her arthritis.  When you try to recall that date, she says, “Oh yes, I think it might be in Section 222, let me check”; and she goes in search of the answer.  It may take several hours before she returns with the correct response.

The good news is……..

Seniors are able to process information about as well as younger adults, if given adequate time.

So when you’re standing at the foot of the basement stairs saying, “Why did I come down here?” you need to be patient and wait for your librarian to return with the answer.  Or, just keep a notepad by the basement door.

Today there are many resources to improve your memory……

You can subscribe to a website for a fee and access interactive fun games designed to improve your mind. The internet is loaded with memory information.

I am enjoying a book, Brain Power by Laureli Blyth, which offers practical ways to boost your memory, creativity and thinking capacity.  Don’t get too excited, I’m only on page 6.

Social interaction is good for all of us in so many ways, including our memory.  Pay a visit to your local Senior Center and check out their activities calendar. They offer all sorts of options for a minimal fee and usually have a helpful new member orientation program. There are several in my area and I am having difficulty choosing only one.  Since the annual dues cost around $20, I may join two and double my fun.  Keep your mind engaged with communication and your personal memory librarian will get a workout with the names of all your new friends.

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