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Mary Ann
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Short and Sweet


Valentine’s Day is grounded in nostalgia for me;


red construction paper, white lacy doilies, the smell of paste and the hopeful anticipation of acceptance.  How awful to endure the stress of a beautifully decorated but potentially empty Valentine Box.  Fortunately, that wasn’t my plight; though the popular girls always received many more cards than I did.

So here I am, about 18 months away from 70, and still smelling the paste.  What about you?  I hope you’re recalling a sweet memory right now.

Handwritten words, a lovely card, flowers; how we enjoy receiving them.  Maturity not only teaches us to savor these sentiments and the delicious moments that accompany them; it often melts our concise business world hearts, revealing a new passion to appreciate and comfort others.

As the years catch up with us, there are flashes of irrelevance we experience in this fast paced world.  If you are so moved this season of love, remember friends and neighbors who might appreciate a simple little Valentine or a small batch of cookies sprinkled with your kindness.


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