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Mary Ann
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The Boomer Sisters are Thankful

This time of year, we often view life from a more forgiving angle.

The warmest holiday memories surface in our aging brains. (OK – some of the not so nice memories also pop up and should be quickly dismissed) Now is the time for comfort and joy from our inner child.

I asked my Boomer Sisters if their attitude of gratitude has improved with age. They are amazing women, saturated in life and wisdom. Several were kind enough to respond during this busy time of year:


CAROLE – Westerville, Ohio

When I was young I was not spoiled at all. When Christmas arrived, I was so grateful for any gift I received. As a young married woman I was thankful for four healthy babies, but was always striving to keep up with the Jones. Now that I’m older, things have completely changed. I am thankful every day for my family and their good lives, that I am relatively healthy, and for the beauty of the earth. I am no longer thankful for THINGS nor do I try to keep up with the Jones or anyone else!


LANA – Camden, Arkansas

As we age, we come to realize how God has blessed us. I am so very thankful for my good health, for my family, and the strength that I receive daily. I have always been a strong person; but all of us, as we get older and face the trials of this world, learn to lean on God more and more. When we are young we tend to take so much for granted. As we age, gratitude should be a large part of our lives.


CONNIE – Canal Winchester, Ohio

I’m glad to still be above looking down at the flowers blooming than below looking up at the roots. It is a miracle with my family history and no guidance when I was younger to still be as healthy as I seem to be!


JANE – Gahanna, Ohio

Maybe my experience is not common to all my age (59) but I suspect it is. As we age, don’t we all have a deeper gratitude for all our parents did (and sometimes didn’t do) for us as we were growing up? My parents were not perfect by any stretch; but as I look back on my life, I see how they made decisions/sacrifices that I can only appreciate because I am older now. Not only with my parents, but extended family who stepped in when my parents fell short, or close friends who have given of themselves; I am now at the age where I can truly understand what went into their time and sacrifice.

Also, now that I am a new grandparent, feeling tired most of the time, I REALLY am so thankful that my grandmother had me live with her for weeks at a time and made sure I learned to sew, sweep the porch, tend to the needs of others, and wait to hear the train whistle as it passed her house in Ironton, Ohio……. little things like appreciating the taste of peach ice cream on a hot summer night. With age comes wisdom and the ability to look back on your life and be thankful.



Wishing all of you abundant blessings………….Mary Ann