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Mary Ann
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The Boomer Sisters Reflect on Gardening

Hello Everyone!

I’m alive, recovering and ready to write again. This week you’re in for a treat from my Boomer Sisters. Enjoy! …………….


Sylvia – Columbus, Ohio

Gardening is my way to create! Choosing plants, flowers, trees – ultimate design experience. It also helps me make sense of life at times. Yes, we have to cut down dead trees and grieve over what once was full of life, provided shade and beauty. I find myself missing the beautiful ash trees in our backyard – replaced by new trees. These new trees are not familiar to us….yet. It’s okay though because each day I start to see potential for a new landscape to take place.


Diane – DePere, Wisconsin

My relationship with gardening is………… a distance! Until a few weeks ago, I lived next to two women who had the most beautiful gardens in various spots of their 2.5 acre lot; and I enjoyed them immensely and at a distance. Real gardening and my body do not go hand in hand. Arthritis and spinal stenosis do not bode well for bending over frequently which, the last time I checked, was a key skill/behavior necessary to have weed free and beautiful gardens.

Judi – Blairsville, Georgia

For the past 25 years, I’ve found gardening to be the most important part of my life. During the years of caring for my parents in their home, gardening became my time to create and reflect…..helped me to get inside myself and think; making the necessary decisions at that time. Now 18 years later, I live on a mountainside with trees surrounding my home on all corners. Between the deer, rabbits and moles, it’s impossible to grow anything. So, I use ground cover and mulch around the house and put my wonder of color on my deck with Red Geraniums in 9 window boxes. In Holland, they have a saying…..”Don’t stay behind the geraniums”, and by that they mean geraniums are good but don’t live your life always looking at them, get out and enjoy life as well!


Cheryl – Dublin, Ohio

I have enjoyed gardening since I was about 18. The vegetable garden was where I began; planted, cultivated, harvested and preserved. I love it. One little seed can produce so much food. MIRACLE!!

After owning a home, I started getting into landscaping my yard; trees, plants and flowers. Then I bought books on how to attract birds and butterflies. Got pretty good with that.

House plants have been a favorite for a long time. I just had to learn what plants would take the most abuse. I even tried Bonsai. Ernie bought me a greenhouse window for my birthday. Like it a lot! Like Ernie even more !!!

Got my green thumb from my Grammy Smith. She would buy a petunia, poke her finger in the ground and the darn thing (the petunia, not the finger) would do beautifully. She loved the house plants too. As a kid I was fascinated with the sweet potato vine we grew.

The change over the years is my age and the size of the planting area in the yard. God will be pleased to know that I do approve of his use of color and shapes. In fact, I thank him for that frequently.


Lana – Camden, Arkansas

Hasn’t changed much!!! I’m thankful I can still mow 10+ acres, keep my Roses looking good and the Pool looking great. I have been blessed with such good health.


Judy – Lancaster, Ohio

Hated gardening as a child; it was a chore we had to complete if we wanted to stay out late and catch lightening bugs in a Mason jar.

Disliked it as a young adult because it had to be done after a long day of work away from home. But then it was great to can those vegetables with my Mom and eat them in the winter.

Love it now as it brings a time of reflection, quiet meditation, and a satisfaction of a job well done. I also enjoy the feel of the earth between my fingers, and the great gifts God has given me.


Please stop by next week for my musings on Pursuing Happiness………..Mary Ann