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The Boomer Sisters Remember Memorial Day


I apologize. Two weeks ago I promised you my next post would be about Mary Ann’s Medical Mishap. Since this is Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it best to share the Boomer Sisters’ thoughts now and provide my update next week.

This month, my Boomer Sisters responded to the following questions:

  1.  Does Memorial Day have any special personal significance for you or your family?
  2. Tell me about your favorite or most memorable Memorial Day; it might involve travel, food family reunion, honoring someone special, etc.


TINA, Canal Winchester, Ohio………….

  1. When I was little, (1960’s), my parents referred to Memorial Day as Decoration Day. We did just that. We would visit 3 different cemeteries of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. and place flowers on their graves. My parents would tell me stories about them and what it was like when they were growing up. It wasn’t looked upon as a celebration of summer or picnics; it was to remember all those who had passed away.
  2. My mother grew up in a very small rural town in Southeastern Ohio. Everyone knew each other and/or was related. When we would visit the cemetery of my mother’s family on Decoration Day and place flowers on the graves, she knew or was related to just about everyone in that small hillside cemetery. It was like a huge family reunion. Families would pull out chairs and sit in the cemetery and laugh and talk about current events and old times. It was like having a family reunion in the cemetery; including those who had passed away.


LANA, Camden, Arkansas…………..

  1. Memorial Day is a time we should remember all the Brave Men and Women who have died so that we can enjoy the Freedom we have today. Being raised Air Force; I appreciate the Dedication of our Military to always be ready to defend this Country.
  2. Normally, we open our pool a week before and usually have our first Swim Day of the Year on Memorial Day. If my family keeps growing, we might have to get a bigger one; it’s 20 x 40 now. With 6 Grands & 7 Greats, it can be very busy!!! They all look forward to that day.


JUDY, Lancaster, Ohio…………….

  1. We had many in our family serve in the armed forces over the years. And many are no longer with us due to natural causes, thank goodness. They served our country and were able to come home safely, unharmed and lived full and happy lives afterwards. We hold their memories close to our hearts for the services they provided overseas in keeping us safe and free.
  2. Memorial Day was always a wonderful family holiday and one of the first BBQ’s to kick off the Summer Season. It still holds that same significance. It gives us a time of great “pause” to reflect on all those old photos and great conversations and memories. It brings us older family members closer to our younger family members. I am so grateful for that opportunity to share those stories. Happy Memorial Day to all!


JUDI, Blairsville, Georgia………….

  1. Being from a military background and a strong background in military life, it means EVERYTHING……..honoring everyone that fought in ALL our wars abroad and at home, especially today with Iraq, Afghanistan and all current upheaval in our world. We will (with time) continue to send our limited Armed Forces to war to help protect these countries that don’t “give a rats” about us! Sad how the world has changed!
  2. Always on or close to an Air Force Base, except where I live now, it’s always been about honoring our military forces with recognition of some soft and of course, a parade! They ALL were meaningful! Times have changed and you hope and pray that the young people will recognize the sacrifice our military made for safety and freedom around the globe…..…………..I doubt it sometimes!


DIANE, Green Bay, Wisconsin……….

  1. When I was young, our small town of Freedom, Wisconsin would have a carnival every Memorial Day; a tradition for 40+ years. They would hire a carnival company to come in for the weekend and there were lots of rides, games, music and food. They would start with an Honor Guard and all VFW members marching to the cemetery for a ceremony honoring all the fallen soldiers, and ended with TAPS. On Sunday morning there would be a parade with floats made by 4-H Clubs, businesses, school kids, etc. along with the high school marching band. When I reached age 18 (and drinking was legal then), the weekend would involve me tending bar or frying hamburgers. It was a huge event and took many volunteers to pull it off.   Even though it was work, it was fun because you felt you were contributing to the fundraising for the Volunteer Fire Department and the VFW. And, you were working with friends you loved.
  2. There isn’t one that stands out. But a ‘memorable’ one may be the one where I threw up at the end of the Tilt-a-Whirl ride with my boyfriend. At age 13, I remember thinking it was the end of the world. Oh my……..if life’s problems were really only that traumatic. LOL


CHERYL, Dublin, Ohio………………..

  1. It was always Decoration Day in my family. Grandma Huston would go out to her cutting garden and select glads, lilies and ferns. She had wicker containers in which she made lovely arrangements. I hated going to the cemetery and still do. But as a child, I got in the car for the trek.
  2. The best for me was going to the Sunbury Cemetery to hear my son, Brad, play taps for the VFW’s ceremony each year. As an aside: the way I keep Memorial Day and Labor Day straight is when you got out of school in May it was memorable and September was back to school and that meant labor!


What a joy to share these snippets of life from these wonderful women! Please come by next Friday and I’ll have that update for you along with summer white vs. winter white and other seasonal fashion concerns………………………..Mary Ann