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THE BOOMER SISTERS: Remember Mom’s Beauty Products and Routines?



Recently, I decided to scan the Web for some new beauty products.


Can you blame me? I can barely read the tiny print labels on the product samples I picked up at the department store ; and those beautiful younger women behind the counter wouldn’t likely recognize Donna Reed or Doris Day.  Women my age are on the other side of the counter and we need someone who shares the reality of aging skin!

These days, I should be buying moisturizer by the gallon and topping it off with 50+ spray sun screen. A recent purchase of shower gel included a sample of shower lotion. I decided to discard that one. Even with grab bars in my shower, the idea of lotion and water didn’t paint a pretty picture.

So, back to our topic. I was browsing away on the web when what did I see but my Mom’s special face powder available for me! You remember the one; it’s in a round powder box with the gold, orange and brownish design. Would you believe it still contains the same wonderful sheer face powder with that slightly familiar scent? It’s reasonably priced and still a lovely product. Keeping it on my bathroom counter gives me a nostalgic nudge each time I see it.


These Boomer Sisters’ special memories may resonate with many of you………


LANA, Camden, Arkansas

My Mother always looked like she was going to a fancy dinner!!! Everything had to match. Make-up was taken off every night and night cream put on. Her hair was always “done”. Things certainly have changed. Big box stores offer a great example of what people will wear in public!


DIANE, Green Bay, Wisconsin

I honestly don’t think my Mom did much with a beauty product other than putting powder on her face and adding a touch of lipstick on her lips – nothing too exciting.


TINA, Pickerington, Ohio

What I remember as a child, and to this day, is that my Mother wears very little make up, if any at all.   She grew up in the country. Her beauty products are very basic; Dove soap and a good moisturizer. Now when it comes to hair, that’s where she spends her time; as most women of color spend their time and money….on their HAIR. She’s really a natural brunette and wouldn’t let gray get in her way. At 80 years old, she’s sporting ash blonde hair and looks gorgeous in it.

Like mother, like daughter, I’m not ready for the gray hair thing either. I won’t let gray get in my way…..color is the spice in life!


JUDY, Lancaster, Ohio

I remember always barging in the bathroom when my Mom probably wanted it to herself. She graciously said OK, hurry up. I would notice her face covered mysteriously with what looked like whipped cream. Later, as a teenager, I learned it was Noxzema!

Bedtime was always our ritual of brushing our teeth with a line-up at the bathroom sink fighting over a space to brush and spit. (Large Catholic family) Mom would come in to calm the waters and she would get out her jar of Ponds cold cream and rub it lightly over her face and neck area. We loved to smell that clean scent and kiss her soft face as she tucked us in bed. That sense of love and security is a wonderful memory.   Thanks for letting me go back in time.



Special thanks to these dear friends for taking time to share their treasured memories!

Here’s hoping our memories have prompted some sweet ones of your own.   The time-frame connection we all share is such a gift!

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