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OK, I have to admit it. On occasion, I have surrendered to the TV Shopping Channel.

Several years ago when work related stress had me up channel surfing at 3a.m., a flickering image flew by and caught my attention. I recognized a famous financial advisor…… what was she talking about? One click on the remote took me back and I was smitten. She was selling a big blue briefcase displayed in front of her on a table.

At that time, our country had experienced a year of vulnerability with Katrina and other worldwide catastrophic events. Each time I turned on the news; there seemed to be a sunami, hurricane, melt down, landslide or worse.

The seller’s seductive voice mentioned security and waterproof plastic as she lifted the blue briefcase nearer the camera to demonstrate the closing safety latches. Inside, there were built in folders labeled with important tabs such as: insurance, legal documents, tax information and many more. The folders were further secured with a Velcro strap. A blinking signal light was provided to activate in emergency situations so the briefcase might be located easily in times of peril. And, not only was it waterproof, it floated!

That’s what got me; it floated.  Keep in mind, I live in central Ohio. The most threatening body of water in my neighborhood is the pond near my condo pool. We did have so much rain once that the pond overflow blocked a street with two feet of water for a few hours. The blue briefcase floating and blinking in several feet of water above my kitchen floor; I could see it. How could I resist?

So, I found my credit card and began to dial. Every other shopping call usually involved frustration by asking me to “select 1 for this” or “hold for the next agent” and after 20 minutes, they’d drop the call. I know you will find this hard to believe but this call went through like lightening. The customer service rep’s sweet southern drawl made me feel like I made her day just by calling. You certainly don’t get that kind of treatment from the electric company.

Today, the briefcase is doing its job sitting a few steps away in my office, near the dog; convenient for my quick escape from disaster.

Fast forward about 5 years…… It took me that long to cave in again. First I must tell you about my Kabuki make up brush purchased from a Luxurious Salon, while I was still working full time. A Kabuki brush is used for applying powder make up. The handle is flat at the end so it can sit on the counter and the fluffy flat-topped brush looks so cute and chubby. It was a splurge but I felt it was an essential to maintaining my professional look. Using it the first time was fun. I fluffed and powdered and thought I was looking good……until I used my giant magnifying mirror (essential over 60).   The coarse black hairs from my expensive Kabuki brush were all over my face. I had to pick them off like sweater lint; and do it carefully, preserving my make-up. I went back to Luxurious Spa and exchanged it for another one; it does the same thing.

As with most expensive purchases that later prove to be disappointing, I kept it and used it until……………surfing again and there it was!!!   An entire brush set less expensive than my one kabuki brush. These were special because they were an extra chubby special production for that company. The company representative said so! The elegant woman stroked her face with the largest brush and said “Don’t you hate it when your make up brush sheds and you have all those hairs on your face? Well no worries with these brushes, they are guaranteed not to shed.” I don’t have to tell you what happened next. I’m still hanging onto my first Kabuki brush, thinking there must be a use for it somewhere other than my make up drawer – like cleaning my keyboard!

P.S. Even though I hadn’t ordered from them in over 5 years, the charming customer service rep had no problem finding my information in their system. Isn’t that amazing?

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